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The Rehabber's Playbook

Everything You Need to Rehab Like a Pro.


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Let me tell you something you already know...

Rehabbing is NOT easy.

But it's a HUGE part of making money in real estate.

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The Rehabber's Playbook

There has been a critical gap in the market for education and support specifically tailored to rehabbers. That's where we come in. With our comprehensive resources and expert guidance, you'll have everything you need to succeed in the world of rehabbing. Don't let a lack of support hold you back any longer - join us and start achieving your vision today.


We've got you covered.

What's Included in the TRP Membership?

The Rehabber's Playbook offers everything you need to rehab properties like a pro.


We'll show you the ropes and walk you through step by step to ensure you have the knowledge you need to succeed in this industry.


Having the right project management tools is crucial for rehabbers and builders looking to gain a competitive edge. With us, you'll have the perfect suite of tools to at your disposal.


Rehabbing is a team sport, and it takes experience AND action. We believe on of the best things we can provide is incredible support to help you along your journey.

Learn the ropes.


Budgeting & Estimating Rehab Costs

  • Have a proven budgeting process
  • Create accurate budgets, quickly
  • Become familiar with construction costs
  • Utilize the proper software and spreadsheets
  • Leverage templates to maximize efficiency   
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Scope of Work Training

  • Create a clear and effective SOW
  • Bid, Budget, and Schedule more efficiently and accurately using SOW
  • Create the "domino" effect
  • Use a template to ensure a complete scope while eliminating the "fluff"
  • Unify your team with a clear plan and vision


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Project Management Software Training

Training on the best project management software on the market, Rehab Valuator

  • Budgeting & Estimating
  • Scheduling & Gantt charts
  • Tracking & reporting projects
  • Leveraging templates
  • Vendor & Subcontractor management
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Contractors & Hiring Training

Understand how to build a team with powerful assets you can depend and rely on, while minimizing costly hiring mistakes.

  • Identify and fill all major roles of your team
  • Understand the different types of hires, and what contracts to use
  • Get access to subcontractors/vendors template
  • Find, vet, and hire the  capable contractors for your business

Maximize the tools.


E-books & Guides

  • The complete guide to rehabbing properties
  • Scope of Work guide
  • Contractors & Hiring guide
  • The Rehabber's Playbook Workbook
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Cost Estimates Sheets

  • Hundreds of estimates for different scope of work
  • Includes 37 different trades
  • Consistently updated and added to
  • Gathered over years of documenting hundreds of rehabs and new builds
  • (Market specific, but can be extrapolated from easily)
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A variety of templates that you can use and make your own...

  • Scope of Work template
  • Budget template
  • Subcontractors & Vendors list template
  • Invitation to bid template

Be a part of the team.


Weekly Training & Support Calls

  • Training on Budgeting, Scheduling, Scope of Work, Contractors, and all things project management.
  • Open Q&A
  • Project support
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Exclusive Facebook Community

  • Network with other rehabbers and builders
  • Meet contractors
  • Keep up with construction costs
  • Get support from a community of go-givers!

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Get 6-Month Access to Trainings, Resources, and Support to Rehab like a Pro!

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I'm Brandon Lindsey

My goal is to build a resource for us all to share, where we can provide all the training, tools, and support to rehab houses with more confidence. I'm a full-time real estate developer and investor, and after 7 years in the business I can say one thing for sure; there is always more to learn. Not only is there more to learn, but you have to grow your network in order to be the most successful. I'm hoping to meet more awesome rehabbers and builders who are looking to level-up their business and perform at the highest level. 

"After several weeks of going back and forth on if I should purchase the TRP, I finally did. I can’t say enough about how powerful, informative, and much of a game changer this has been. I would have spent HOURS developing this. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is starting off or wanting to take their business to the next level."

-Josh Staneart

"Wow! Brandon really packed this book with enormous value. As an early adopter of Brandon’s playbook, I couldn’t believe all the nuggets that were given away in one place. Simply put, rookie and seasoned investors can benefit tremendously from the contents. Years and years of experience are apparent, saving you the headache of making major mistakes that could cost you a ton of money and stress. He is an absolute giver and is paving the way for real estate trailblazers to have a long and profitable career. I highly recommend you take a look at this playbook and learn from the guys who have been doing it right for a very long time ! 10/10!"

- Jimmie Darden

I must say that after all my years The Rehabbers Playbook has the best information and content of anything I have seen! Every flipper and wholesaler needs to be a part of this. Brandon is putting out top notch info constantly and it is all spot on!!
I truly cannot recommend The Rehabbers Playbook high enough and truly believe every wholesaler and flipper needs to have this in their arsenal! Even us old timers 🙂

-Ron Biggs