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E-books & Guides

The Rehabber's Playbook membership offers access to a bundle of E-books and guides that walk you through each of the specific steps in the rehabbing process. Their purpose is to provide you with the necessary information and tools you will need to properly plan, manage, and execute your projects. 

The Rehabber's Playbook: Manual

In our complete guide to rehabbing properties, we walk you through the phases of the rehabbing process from start to finish. Including...

  • Planning
  • The three construction phases
  • Final stages

This is a great resource for those looking to understand the entire process, and create efficiency and understanding within each step.

The Rehabber's Playbook: Workbook

Designed as a complement to the manual, the workbook gives those more direct instruction on creating your scope, budget, and schedule for each line item. We want to give you the opportunity to actually apply the knowledge of the Manual to real-world projects. This also incorporates our scope of work and budget templates so you can create effective and useful project management documents.

Scope of Work Guide

Learn to create a detailed SOW that yields efficient budgeting, bidding, and scheduling.

Many rehabbers and developers still struggle with creating an effective scope of work, and this can cause many issues when managing your project…

  • A lengthy SOW can frustrate contractors and reduce clarity
  • A SOW that does not include all the necessary detail can cause budgets and schedules to be blown
  • A SOW that does not help you bid, budget, and schedule causes an unnecessary workload and lacks efficiency

Never underestimate your SOW again! Start asking the right questions, use a proper template, and put the appropriate amount of work into this critical step. The rest of your rehab process will see the rewards of this and feel much simpler.  

Contractors & Hiring Guide

Having a professional and complete rehab team that you can trust is arguably the most critical component to your businesses success. In this guide we will teach you how to:

  • recognize the vacancies in your team
  • properly vet contractors 
  • be more aware of the characteristics of good/bad contractors  
  • be aware of the available resources to locate professional contractors
  • the types of contracts and which one to us

The Rehabbers Playbook offers a great solution to all of these problems with our "Contractors & Hiring" E-Book. Here you'll learn proper business practices to help minimize damage done by hiring poor or untrustworthy contractors, and develop a true process to finding, vetting, and hiring the right contractors for your rehab and development properties.

Scheduling & Critical Path Guide

Do you have a well organized method for navigating the construction process? 

It is crucial to understand and implement an accurate system of scheduling in the rehab world to avoid creating unnecessary confusion and conflict in your organizational methods.

Many rehabbers mismanage projects because they underestimate the importance of detailed scheduling with a Critical Path. Or, they detail unnecessary information that can cloud the clarity surrounding the schedule, causing more confusion and mismanagement.

This guide will identify the Critical Path for the three phases of construction while showing you the line items of each phase and how they relate to each other in the schedule. 

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