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Scope of Work Training

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Scope of Work Training

Do you have a clear and effective scope of work that integrates your budgeting, bidding, and scheduling process for maximum effeciency?

We offer Scope of Work Training to bring accuracy, efficiency, and clarity to your projects with complete Scopes of Work and learn how to itemize your SOW. We will also teach you how to budget, bid, and schedule through one master spreadsheet. You will learn how to organize and consolidate your documents to leverage templates and guides to their full potential for real practical use.

Most people create an unnecessary workload for themselves by...

  • Creating a lengthy sow that frustrates contractors & reduces clarity.
  • Missing details causing blown budgets and schedules.
  • Not using templates and guides as guardrail.
  • Not consolidating documents to bring clarity and organization to projects.
  • Creating a SOW that doesn't help you bid, budget, or schedule.

Scope of Work Training

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