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Weekly Training & Support Calls

If you're a rehabber looking to stay on top of the game, networking with other professionals in the field can be a great way to do so. By connecting with other rehabbers and contractors, you can share knowledge and learn from each other's experiences. Additionally, staying up to date with the latest market costs and trends is essential to keep your projects competitive and successful.

Rehabbing is a Team Sport!

You need a Network and Support to rehab at the highest level. However, a lot of rehabbers attempt this challenging process alone, which is regrettably why they...

  • Don't have a place to go when looking for answers.
  • Get lost in the middle of project without a place to go.
  • Do not stay up to date with the market costs.
  • Do not get the chance to learn from other rehabbers' experiences.
  • Don't have a high functioning rehabbing team.

Check out a replay of one of our Tranining Calls here

Finding training opportunities on budgeting, scheduling, scope of work, and other project management skills can help you hone your skills and stay organized. With access to a community of like-minded individuals, you can get answers to your specific questions and receive project support from fellow go-givers. Membership in such a community can also offer recommended weekly topics for review, ensuring you're always learning and growing in your field.


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